In the days that followed Kim’s death, I experienced an unsettling that would not lift, a deep sense of worry, even robbing me of much needed sleep.
During one particular prayer time, the Holy Spirit clearly showed me that I was dealing with the imposter of Doubt, seeking entry into my mind. If not expelled, Doubt will invite its cohorts of worry, fear, anxiety and anything else it can align itself to, to attack us.
In very simple terms, Doubt creates an uncertainty. Is God really who He says He is and is He able to perform all He says He will do in the Word? Doubt is no respecter of persons.

In the Bible, Sarah, Zechariah, John the Baptist and Thomas are but a few examples where Doubt knocked at the door and the door was opened.
That day, when I realized who had come to visit, I took steps to shut that door and repented of opening myself up to Doubt, fully aware that whatever is not of Faith is sin. (Romans 14)
I then turned to the Word of God, the most powerful weapon we have. I began to quote scriptures of God’s Faithfulness and Goodness and mediating on all the times my Heavenly Father had come through for me in the past. We can be assured that Doubt will try, at every opportunity, to infiltrate our minds. May we always be alert to its intentions and when it attacks, dispel it immediately with our greatest weapon, the Living Word of God….a weapon that is sharper than any two-edged sword.

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