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David and Karin Clement Ministry is a Christian based, non-profit organization, which is financially supported by contributions from friends and partners.

David and his wife, Karin, along with their family, presently reside in Cape Town, South Africa. Their mission is to use the giftings that God has bestowed upon them to build the Kingdom of God, to encourage the Body of Christ, and to spur each other on to finish the race strong.

They firmly believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and the final authority on any of life’s issues and problems.

Along with this ministry, they have an established non-profit in South Africa with a vision of continuing the community outreach projects that David’s late brother, Kim Clement, began.

Build the Kingdom of God.

Encourage the Body of Christ.

Spur others to finish the race strong.

Karin loves to teach the Word of God and brings encouragement to those who are discouraged. She has a heart for women’s ministry and to bring healing and freedom into their lives. She flows in the prophetic and has the gift of prophecy. Her desire is to be used as a vessel to build God’s Kingdom.
While in South Africa, Karin was ordained into the ministry as a teacher through Amazing Grace Church. She attended Rhodes Bible School, and studied at Rhodes University. She then furthered her studies in the USA at Dallas Baptist University in Texas. She was an Associate Director of Kim Clement’s School of the Prophets and worked under the covering of the Kim Clement Center for ten years. She enjoys writing and is currently helping her husband, David, write a book, which should be out soon.

David has a servant’s heart. He has an amazing gift as a musician and plays with passion for His Lord and Savior. He is the youngest brother of the late Prophet Kim Clement and worked and traveled with Kim throughout the United States for ten years and was also involved with some of his humanitarian projects in South Africa and other parts of the world.
David is presently writing a book which should be published in the near future

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